Beautiful night for a Balboa walk

September goals

I haven’t done these in a long time, and I miss them!

- read two books
- lose 10 pounds
- no tv one night a week
- work out three days a week
- meet my pedometer step goal every day

Cheers to a new month!

CVS Health

Today cvs stopped selling tobacco products, changed their name and started running a campaign explaining why. Marketing genius.

I can’t get over how beautiful it is up here. Pacific Northwest, you are my favorite

Chihuly and the Space Needle. Absolutely loved adventuring around Seattle!

Customs form Sunday. Filling a bunch out to keep handy for care packages. Who says the military isn’t a glamorous life ;)

She’s a funny one

Stone Brewery with the pup and manfriend

Watching the #worldcupfinal with some of our closest friends :)

Found another outdoor patio at Stone! Fun night out with JBo

Water lovin’ pup

Easy to believe in something bigger than us when you’re at the beach (Myrtle Beach, SC)

My apartment is being vacuumed while I enjoy coffee on the balcony. Not a bad way to start a Saturday!

A little SoCal sun to get ready for Myrtle Beach!