Customs form Sunday. Filling a bunch out to keep handy for care packages. Who says the military isn’t a glamorous life ;)

She’s a funny one

Stone Brewery with the pup and manfriend

Watching the #worldcupfinal with some of our closest friends :)

Found another outdoor patio at Stone! Fun night out with JBo

Water lovin’ pup

Easy to believe in something bigger than us when you’re at the beach (Myrtle Beach, SC)

My apartment is being vacuumed while I enjoy coffee on the balcony. Not a bad way to start a Saturday!

A little SoCal sun to get ready for Myrtle Beach!

Ridiculously fun night at the Backstreet Boys concert reliving my early teens :) #backstreetsback #alright!

Padres v Cubs!

Office Rubio’s. Not messing around!

…it makes me so curious about who I’ll be when I’m 70. We all thought we knew ourselves when we were 20 … We had no idea.

Olivia Wilde

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Working on the layout of our B wall and Zu is insistent the bone and frisbee be included in the design